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The Zoning Office would prefer that permit applications be submitted by regular mail.

For those that choose to submit applications in person -
the policy is: NO MASK, NO ENTRY.

Do not hesitate to email the Zoning Office with any questions about filling out forms and submitting them to the Zoning Office via regular mail. Include your daytime / cell phone number with any email correspondence.


You will need a Building | Zoning Permit to :


  • Build | Erect | Place - a new structure - residential or non - residential, including but not limited to homes, mobile homes, modular homes, two-family or multi-family homes, businesses, etc.
  • Build a shed, un-attached garage, car port, pole barn, etc.
  • Do an alteration or addition to an existing structure both residential or commercial, including a change in pitch of roof.
  • Install a new roof after removing the old shingles. ( NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED IF YOU SHINGLE OVER EXISTING SHINGLES ) Not Sure? Give us a call.
  • Build a deck.
  • Install or erect a pool, over 24" in depth.
  • Erect or place a sign - including business identification, billboard, etc.
  • To change the use of a structure or property.
  • To open a driveway onto a township road.
  • Demolish an existing structure.
  • To do a road opening.



These are general guidelines.  The fees, paperwork and requirements vary according to the project.
We are available to answer your questions and encourage you to contact us before starting a project.

The Zoning Office is open Monday and Wednesday - 9:00 - 10:30.

Phone - 570-226-6558 OR Email


Can I Bypass the Building Permit?


It is unfortunately fairly common for homeowners to complete home improvement projects without applying for a permit, paying the application fee, or having the work inspected and approved. And while it is possible that such projects can be completed with good quality and to never cause problems, it is not good practice to try and bypass the official permit process.


Some possible hazards include:
If and when you try to sell your house, the buyers’ inspection may uncover remodeling or additions that were done without proper permits and which may not be completely up to code. This can prevent you from selling the house and may require that you undo the previous work and start again—this time with a permit.
In the event of a fire, structural collapse, electrical issues or major plumbing problem, if it is discovered the mishap is the result of work that was done without the benefit of permit or inspections, it's very possible your homeowner's insurance damage and liability policy may decline to cover the damage.


These forms are interactive and should be filled out at your keyboard, printed and then signed.


We must have the signed original. DO NOT print a form, sign it and then rescan and email us a copy. it will not be accepted.


We need the original signed form for our files.


If you cannot come into the office with your application, you can mail us the original signed copy.


Please do not print a form and fill it in by hand. it will not be accepted.


If for some reason you cannot fill out a form at your keyboard and/or print it, we can fill it out here in the office.


ALL paperwork MUST be submitted through this office.


Application for Building | Zoning Permit


Conditional Use Application


Driveway Permit Application


Land Development Application


Major Subdivision Application


Minor Subdivision Application


Pool Permit Application


Road Opening Application- w/requirements


Sign Permit Application


Special Exception Application


Variance Application


Vendor Permit Application


Workman's Compensation
Insurance Coverage Form


Digitizing these documents is a work in progress . . .

Other Application Forms are available from our Building Inspector:

Building | Electrical | Mechanical | Plumbing

Permit Application Forms


NorthEast Inspection Consultant - NEIC

Permit Applications > SubCode Applications


Deck Construction Checklist

DCA 6-2009 Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide


Residential Demolition Permit Checklist


Typical Above Ground Code Compliant Pool


A Guide to Pool Barriers

Phone - 570-226-6558 OR Email